Resources in:
Educational Video
This video is a text-based educational tool meant to inform users about the redistricting process, dangers of gerrymandering, and the effectiveness of Communities of Interest which can be mapped easily on
Demo Videos
These video walkthroughs are key to navigating Representable from both the perspective of a user and an organization, complete with tips for easily mapping your community and collecting communities of interest.
One Pager
representable infographic preview
This infographic provides a short overview of redistricting, gerrymandering, and how Representable can be used to address this issue using communities of interest.
Organization Guide
representable organization guide preview
This guide is the primary reference point for organizations to find information about the tool, community mapping drives, our educational materials, FAQs, and more!
Community Mapping Event Powerpoint
representable webinar deck preview
This powerpoint can be used to run online mapping events with your community. Guide people through the process of identifying their community’s needs and mapping their COI.
Additional Resources
Princeton Gerrymandering Project
Through nonpartisan analysis, the Princeton Gerrymandering Project bridges the gap between mathematics and the law to achieve fair representation through redistricting reform.

GeoCivics Redistricting Materials
GeoCivics provides a suite of state-based resources to develop skills and knowledge for discussing the apportionment and redistricting process in the United States. These resources prepare and support students, teachers, and community members with interactive tools and geospatial data, leading to engagement in conversation about the construction of electoral districts.