Gerrymandering is silencing communities. Make your voice heard with Representable
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We are mapping America.

Check out the communities drawn in your state.
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We are mapping America.

Check out the communities drawn in your state.
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Answer Questions

that help you identify what bonds your community together.

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Draw a Community Map

by choosing units that make up your community. Use landmarks to draw your map.

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Share your Map

as public input for map makers to use when drawing new voting districts.

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Our mission is to give communities a voice in drawing voting districts.

Representable allows people to draw communities of interest and share information about the interests and needs in those communities.

Making this information available encourages mapmakers to take these communities into account during redistricting, in order to avoid gerrymandering and the “packing and cracking” of marginalized groups.

Gerrymandering is threatening democracy.

Politicians have been splitting up and packing together communities into districts that silence the voices of community members. This prevents communities from electing representatives that listen to their needs. Gathering communities of interest maps helps fight gerrymandering. We can provide map drawers with the information they need to draw districts that empower communities.
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We are putting Representable in the hands of the communities that need it.
Join us to help communities get the representation they deserve.

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