About Representable

We want to give communities a voice in drawing districts.

We want to give communities a voice in drawing districts.
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Redistricting is coming.

Redistricting is coming.

In 2021, state governments will redraw Congressional and state legislative districts. We need to fight for fairer districts which respect the concerns of communities.

What is Representable?

Representable is a free, open-source tool for creating maps for Communities of Interest (COI) — groups of individuals who share common social and economic interests, who are likely to have similar political concerns. Currently, over half of states have legal requirements to respect COIs, but before Representable, no tools existed to get COIs to mapmakers.

We work closely with organizations to gather community maps along with information about the shared interests of the community. This data can then be used by map drawers, journalists, analysts, and activists to create and evaluate proposed district maps. Our goal is to democratize public testimony, inform map drawers, and encourage map analysis. Learn more about how Representable fights gerrymandering in the Official Education Guide.

Representable is built in partnership with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and supported by the Joyce Foundation, the Resilient Democracy Fund, and Schmidt Futures.

Representable will help...


Democratize Public Testimony

Enable any individual to submit maps with their community information and share them.


Inform Map Drawers

Deliver COI data to map drawers, using a digital format that is easy to analyze.


Encourage Map Analysis

Support journalists and analysts with data to evaluate proposed maps.


Answer Questions

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Thought-provoking questions built based on policy and legal definitions of COIs.

Draw a Community Map

map drawing and cursor

Use landmarks, zoom, and navigation for an easy drawing experience.

Visualize and Export

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Export as GeoJSON or PDF file. Our data is interoperable with other mapping softwares.

Our Team

Kyle Barnes • Executive Director

Michaela Daniel • Director of Outreach and Partnerships

Olivia Kusio • Head of Design

Anna Eaton • Head of Engineering

Kai Tsurumaki • Media and Communications Coordinator

Our Founding Team

Representable began in February 2019 as a final project for the Princeton course COS333: Advanced Programming Techniques.

Somya Arora • Engineering, Full-Stack

Kyle Barnes • Engineering, Mapping

Preeti Iyer • Outreach, Content, Engineering

Lauren Johnston • Engineering, Full-Stack

Theodor Marcu • Engineering, Product