Join the national Representable community.

Representable is growing a redistricting community with organizations across the country. Organization leaders can easily collect community maps with Representable and join redistricting efforts in their states.

How to use Representable as an organization?

Check out our demo to see all of Representable’s features.

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Join Representable as an Organization

As the leader of an organization, you can collect community maps and download submissions. Joining Representable as an organization is free, and includes access to our redistricting toolkit.

Create an Organization

Include a brief description, link, and the state(s) you operate in.

Start a Community Mapping Drive

Create a community mapping drive via the organization dashboard.

Collect Community Maps

Share the link to your community mapping drive to individuals in your state to start collecting submissions.

Visualize and Export Community Maps

View a map of all submitted communities, and download them to your organization as geoJSON for easy integration with district drawing and visualization tools.