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MAPPING AMERICA One community at a time.
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Your Community

by identifying shared interests and community needs.

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Draw a
Community Map

by choosing units that make up your community.

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Your Map

as public input for map makers to use when drawing new voting districts.

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Tell Us About Your Community!

We are working to make sure the Dane County Board of Supervisors accurately reflects the people and communities it represents. As part of that process, we are interested in learning what you think makes up your "community of interest."

Who do you consider your neighbors? What other people, businesses, schools, churches or other organizations do you interact with on a regular basis? What places do you visit or travel to in the course of your day or week? What issues, values, or concerns bind you and your community together? Join us to help make sure your elected officials truly "represent" you and your community.

Redistricting in Dane County and Wisconsin

Wisconsin law requires county boards to redraw their supervisory district lines after each U.S. Decennial Census. The law also requires that electoral districts are equal in population, and keep municipalities intact. For the first time ever, Dane County has appointed a nonpartisan, independent Redistricting Commission to guide and direct that process. This will help ensure that supervisory districts are drawn impartially, without regard to politics.
Representable will help you tell the Dane County Redistricting Commission about your community and visualize a map of its boundaries. Then, line-drawers can fairly consider your community when they draw new voting district lines.
In order of priority:

1) Each district should represent the same population size, be contiguous, and compact;
2) Minimize the number of municipal boundaries crossed;
3) Ensure fair and effective representation of the diverse ethnic and racial population in Dane County;
4) Take into consideration geography and natural boundaries such as rivers and lakes;
5) Keep intact neighborhoods and communities of interest and association, whether historical, racial, economic, ethnic, religious, or other;
6) Districts shall be drawn without regard to incumbency.

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Communities of Interest in Dane County

Dane County's ordinance requires that:

"District lines shall keep intact neighborhoods and communities with established ties of common interest and association whether historical, racial, economic, ethnic, religious or other."

Communities as described above don't always fall neatly into existing, easily mapped areas such as municipal boundaries, school districts, census block groups, or neighborhood associations. The Redistricting Commission needs your help to make sure your community is adequately represented.